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Welcome to Aspen Outfitters . My name is Tim Humphrey and I'm a hunting guide specializing in trophy black bear hunts. I am licensed and insured as an outfitter in Minnesota's Chippewa National Forest near Cass Lake. If you're interested in harvesting a trophy black bear, call me at  218-760-6527 or email : aspenguide@yahoo.com

Morning Storm Outdoors and Lawnchair Productions went and visited Aspen outfitters in Cass Lake/Bena area in Northern Minnesota. They took on the adventure of sitting up in a stand with two different people to see what would cross paths.... 2 hunters, 2 camera man, 4 cameras, 2 bears.....

Update February 2014:

Fall 2013 bear hunting pictures have been posted.

Also, my new Youtube channel has been created here: Aspen Outdoors Youtube Channel.
Eelpout fishing will be starting soon.

Update July 2013:
Rates for 2014 bear guiding have been posted to the rates page.

Update February 2013:

Check me out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AspenOutfitters . Eelpout fishing season now in full swing Guided Eelpout Fishing Trips

Update November 2012:

It's been a great fall with many bears harvested. See the updated pictures in the bear gallery. I'm also now offering Guided Eelpout Fishing Trips so contact me if you're interested in fishing in February or March of 2013.

Update February 2012:

Fall 2011 was another successful one. See the pictures below. I do have a couple openings left for 2012 so contact me if you're interested in hunting bear this fall.

Update May 2011:

Last fall (2010) was a another great bear season with hunters going 7-7 and 100% success rate. See the bear hunt gallery for hunt photos or the trail cam gallery for new updated photos.

I am now offering guided turkey and deer hunts as well on a limited basis. Click on each species page to see a gallery of hunting photos and information about the hunts.

2012 Deadlines and Important Dates
05/04/12 Bear application deadline
06/15/12 Notification of bear lottery winners
09/01/12 Bear season