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Bear Hunting

Each hunter is required to pay a deposit of $200.00. Balance to be paid prior to the hunt. Deposits are to be paid as far in advance as needed to hold the spot for the first date requested. Deposits are also non-refundable. However, in most situations, they may be transfered to another year to fulfill the hunt.

Eelpout Fishing

Catch Poorman’s lobster! We offer guided Burbot fishing trips. Eelpout as we call them here are camo hunters of the deep. Sometimes approaching 20lbs.

Our Story

Welcome to Aspen Outfitters. We are a family focused guide service, specializing in providing a great outdoor experience. Regardless if you are joining us for a fall bear hunt, or joining us on the ice, we promise to provide an experience you will remember for years. We are located in Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest near Cass Lake.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you what the area has to offer.



Owner and head guide at Aspen Outfitters, Tim started guiding in 1996 for Ruffed Grouse and then expanded to include Black Bear. He has also taken his desire of fishing Burbot to an extreme level. Fishing nearly every night from in January thru ice out in April. He has traveled the much of the Midwest chasing whitetails, turkeys and waterfowl. He aims to provide you with a memorable experience regardless of the species.


Wil is a very spirited young man. Joining Aspen Outfitters in 2012, Wil has been like a sponge, learning every step of the way. He has a passion for fishing that keeps him busy year round. He has lived his entire life in the area, and can definitely put you on some great fish thru the ice, or on the open water.


Though Logan may be only 17 years old, his knowledge of the outdoors and ability to find game is extraordinary. He has been helping his father Tim since he was 4 years old and really become an accomplished outdoors-man. Taking many nice whitetail and in 2014 his first bear. Logan also has the pout fishing down as well, and often challenges Tim if they are on the ice together.


We are looking forward to having Nate around this upcoming season. He tagged along last year and helped with baiting and stand setups. He will help Logan as they maintain part of the bear hunting area. He also has that extra muscle we might need to get your trophy out of the timber.


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